5’3″ / Blonde / Caucasian / B-Cup



Sexy blonde Alicia is definitely built for oral pleasures. She loves it when you use her mouth. She is all sexy curves and bombshell measurements, and she’s always ready for a good time. This is a Barbie-doll good-time girl with a little something extra, in that unlike those famous dolls, Blonde Alicia is entirely anatomically correct. She has an anal opening, a vaginal opening, and a mouth you can enjoy all day long. Pick her up today and start enjoying her tonight.

At 5’3” with B-cup breasts, Blonde Alicia is designed to look just like the girl next door. Do you have fantasies about turning out your sexy sweet neighbor, coworker, or that college girl in the coffee shop? That’s the fantasy role that Blonde Alicia is only too willing to play for you. She’s yours to use however you please.

Put your cock inside her and feel how real her vaginal and anal openings feel. Their textures are designed to work with silicone-safe lube to give you an experience like no other. Alicia is so perfect that you’ll actually believe you’re undressing that sexy little thing next door. Lay her down in your bed or bend her over your couch; she’s a nasty, naughty little girl who wants to make you happy and will never refuse.

When you get tired of pumping away between her legs, don’t forget Alicia’s waiting mouth. It’s textured like her vagina and anus, only differently. Lube it up and put yourself inside; it’s the best blowjob simulator you’ll ever own. Grab both sides of her head and force her down over your dick. You can even play with her hair while you pump her.


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