Natalia is your 24 hours company girl made silicone doll





Real doll Natalia one of our sex dolls with jet hair. Premium Sex Dolls guarantees that this  real doll is built with an articulated metal skeleton of stainless steel, this is your chance to buy these  “homemade sex dolls” of the 21st century and enjoy our sex dolls with all the guarantees . Designed by injection process of  thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) that give your wrist of silicone unparalleled strength and elasticity, if you want to know more about this material review our section on the TPE here .

-If you go the real dolls of black hair perhaps you are also interested in our real doll Erica .

Clothing and accessories  included.

Made with thermoplastic elastomers , maximum softness, elasticity and resistance


Water resistant,   shower with your silicone company girl without putting your health at risk.


You can heat your real doll  by a hot water bath, our real dolls will keep the temperature several hours,


With  metal skeleton articulated stainless steelto place your real doll in the positions you want.


Customizable elements : Hair, skin color, Eye color, Toenails color, type of vagina and ability to stand up


Certificates of quality  , as the real dolls have passed the quality controls resistance stress, flammability and toxicity required by the EC.

Real doll from original manufacturer , it is NOT a copy of bad quality, we work with the original manufacturers not with resellers

They are NOT  inflatable dolls , it should not be necessary to put it but some are still asking us … ..xD


Height: 140 cm Weight: 25.5 kg
Cup: D Bra size: 26D
Bust: 75 cm Vaginal depth: 17 cm
Waist: 51 cm Anal Depth: 17 cm
Hip: 75 cm Shoulder width: 32.5 cm
Thigh contour: 40 cm Oral Depth: 13 cm
Calf contour (twin) : 27 cm Arm length: 60 cm
Ankle contour: 20 cm Leg length: 68 cm
Wrist Contour: 13 cm Foot length: 20 cm
Contour arm: 19.5 cm


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